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Our name (Territorium is the Swedish word for territory)

Our name has a double meaning. Firstly, we represent a company that prides itself in aiding our clients to achieve better results by helping them find their ‘territory’. By focusing, diversifying your practice and clarifying your goals you can often reach further.

Secondly, our company knows that territorial thinking is the single biggest reason that many organizations cannot reach their individual goals. It could mean that a company’s brand is not as strong as it could have been, or that the global community cannot agree on strategies for sustainable development. We want to use our name and its direct meaning to remind not only ourselves, but also our clients of our intentions.

What we do

Territorium are consultants within business development, sustainable development as well as the areas encompassing company branding, communication and design. We welcome clients who either need help with such areas as analysis and strategy or help to implement already taken decisions.


We are strong advocates for a well-conceived strategy based on thorough research and analysis phases. We have the belief that in this day and age there are too many consultants and officials who are putting in too much valuable time working on the strategy – when it is already acknowledged on what should and needs to be achieved. Sometimes, both the strategy and tactics phases can be time-consuming processes, but often a goal can be reached at a quicker pace when both of these phases are merged together. We believe that many elements of the business foundations can be achieved when following the KISS principle – Keep it Short & Simple.

That is, we believe in simplicity. Many would agree that all kinds of projects and challenges that companies and organizations are currently facing should follow these simple process steps;

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Strategy/Tactics
  • Implementation
  • and Monitoring

Territorium prides itself on its ability to aid companies with all five steps or to help focus on selected areas.


From previous experience, both from within our own companies and through dozens of client relationships, we know that a company that is run by a number of deeply rooted values will have a higher chance of success within the future.

Values are not something we just frame and put on the wall, they permeate through everything we do and achieve. Whether it be through who we are hiring, what assignments we undertake, what educated advice we give to our clients or how we convey them.

Our values and guidelines in everyday are the following:

  • Fun. No matter what age, gender, background, education, family status, difficulties or economic status our customers hold, we need to have fun in everyday life. We must remind ourselves that life is too short to take ourselves too seriously, We are serious professional at Territorium, however we pride ourselves in having fun every day!
  • Results. Our focus is to always create lasting results for our clients. We want to make a real and hopefully permanent difference. We don’t want to rush in for a short period of time and then both we and our advice disappear with the next re-organization or CEO. Finally, we will also, of course, help deliver a healthy profit.
  • Thoughtfulness. To truly care about our own team, our clients, our partners, the environment as well as our loved ones is a strong guideline for us. It should, alongside our other values, infiltrate through every decision we make.
  • Courage. We should dare to burrow deeper and further than others, ask the inconvenient questions and in return offer simple and straightforward advice. We will retain moral courage at all times and in turn will never rebuff or reject any obstacles which may seem to complex or difficult to address. We are unafraid of conflicts as we believe it only creates larger problems in the expected future, but at all times we will remain diplomatic with our proceedings.

Our business areas

Within business development we are helping companies to customize and optimize their businesses to adapt to not only the current trends but to also the future of business. This may involve developing a product, a service, company brand portfolios, or to help advance the geographic markets the company operates in.

Within sustainable development, we are happy to support a process to either create a sustainability strategy or to help develop and implement a communications strategy. All companies and organizations should begin to have a more sustainable outlook, and this is an area where a direct difference can be shown.

Within branding and communication, we are both strategists and implementersin all areas of internal and external communications. It can and may involve; research and analysis, brand strategy, digital and social media, design and visualization and activation of different kinds.

These three areas are the basis of our offerings. There is a depth and breadth in all areas and we guarantee quality in our delivery with the utilization of our own resources and networks. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an introduction on how we together can help create success.

If you are interested in hiring or working with Territorium for any challenges or obstacles within your organization, you are more than welcome to call or email us for a friendly discussion.

Or if you are interested in joining Territorium, you can either call for further information and assistance or you can send us your CV as well as a detailed cover letter and we will contact you shortly.

Stefan Ölander, 070 739 80 00
Territorium AB. Bryggavägen 133, 178 31 Ekerö